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Group stay Rooms

When you've decided to schedule a trip to Kodaikanal with your entire family members, you've got dormitory groupstay to satisfy the over-all relatives. We all know that Ooty is known for its stunning beauty along with the lifestyle speed and the clean air can make you feel re-energized at the end of your vacation getaway.


Rooms Booking

Group Stay

When you're on holiday with all your family members, you'll need a place where your entire family members can hang out. Group stay dormitory is built with everything you need for your holiday break and is perfectly suitable for all family members as well.

Online booking is also designed to ensure that the holidaymaker can have an effortless pre-accommodation. Group Stay is incredibly efficient for the tourist who will travel with family members. Our group stay dormitory is available for your school, college, office & family trips at an affordable cost.