Dormitory in Kodaikanal

Memories will never fade away as time passes. They will last long with us forever and ever. If you make those memories with your loved one or with your favorite places, they are golden memories. Cherish those memories and share them with your favorite persons. Spend time with your favorite persons and have fun, we will tell you how. Do you want your travel fare to comfort stay everything under your budget? We are just a call away. We conjure up your travel a better one.

If you are planning to come with your friends or families, you can avail of our dormitory in Kodaikanal to stay together and have fun. We will also arrange fun games and parties on request. The princess of mountains welcomes you to make memories with the help of our services.

Some people prefer to travel alone whereas some will come for family tours, honeymoon and have fun with friends or colleagues. But, we think traveling with family or friends is the best thing. They can have so much fun like traveling in the same vehicle, stay in the same place and spend time in a bonfire when compared to a single traveler. Family time is the best lesson for children. So take your decision wisely and have a group stay dormitory in Kodaikanal. We will keep you warm and safe with dormitory.

Group Stay

A dormitory is a room with a large space and multiple beds and other facilities that can accommodate many people in it. Dormitories also have messes in them which help by providing the people living in Dormitory with all the dishes at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. In India, many people rely on Dormitories for their accommodation as it stands as a cheap and most commonly used source for accommodation.The family who relocate to new cities for the job also find a dormitory as a resource for living as it's cheaper than hotel accommodation.

As Kodaikanal Dormitory stand as the cheapest, safest and most reliable source of accommodation for any set of people, groups, students, working individuals. Thus most commonly people look for Dormitories for their stay and with all these benefits it stand as the best available option for most people.

Tourists also find dormitory as a good source for their accommodation as it is a large space and people can take group stay and can spend time together by playing games and performing other fun activities..


  • Car Parking
  • Garden
  • Travel Desk
  • 24-Hours Hot Water
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Modern Bathroom
  • Internet Access
  • Room Heater
  • Kitchen Facilities

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    Dormitory Rooms

    We have many varieties of dormitories for your group stay at Kodaikanal along with comfort, event arrangements, and all fundamental facilities.


    Groupstay Rooms

    Our group stay dormitory in Kodaikanalgroup is available for your school, college, office & family trips at an affordable cost.


    Refreshment Dorms

    We have a refreshment dormitory in Kodaikanal refresh package for school kids, college students, office staff & family members reunion meets overs in Kodaikanal.

    Find your Accommodation

    You can select our dormitory in Kodaikanal, pay online and Now a room booking is easily one. You can select a room, pay online and ready for travel. But after reaching your destination, that book will be completely different at real sometimes it has unacceptable issues and his is may spoil your entire plan. We help to avoid those things and make your trip fine. Easy booking & Payment methods, Pick up & Drop services, Events arrangement services, safe & secure and more.


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